Template:Character Friday (フライデー; Furaidē) is a youth type of corpse who accompanies Watson as registrar.


Friday is very skinny and pale, his eyes are blue/purple, his hair gray and he mostly wears a white shirt along with black pants. His look is mostly blank and emotionless.


Being a living corpse, Friday is kind of emotionless and soulless. He obeys whatever Watson says and does not speak. However, when Watson found the Notes, Friday's soul was being brought back to him, he whined and screamed, trying to speak. When he loses control , he attacks Watson and tries eating any human in the way.

However, before his death, Friday was seen as a highly intelligent individual who was very close to Watson. He was willing to allow Watson experiment on his own body to prove his hypothesis, promising to send Watson a 'sign' that he had succeeded in resurrecting the soul. Friday seemed to care very deeply for Watson, and Watson was shown to be mutually fond of Friday. In a flashback, Friday is seen smoking a cigarette.

Name Edit

Friday real name is Friday Charlotte Barley .

Friday's father Edit

Age : 25 ( when he died ) , 23 ( when Friday was born )

Height : 175 cm ( when he died ) , 173 cm ( when Friday was born )

He is Friday's father . He is a handsome young man with blonde hair with bangs only on his left side, and light green eyes. He wore a sweater over a collared shirt. During his life , he was involved in a car accident but survived unscathed. As a result, people fear him and isolate him . He died when Friday was 2 year old so Friday lived with his mother .

Friday's mother Edit

Age : 29 ( when she died ) , 27 ( when Friday was born )

Height : 179 cm ( when she died ) , 177 cm ( when Friday was born )

His mother believes that he is demon that should die. She also crused Friday as demon spawn and condemns him for ever being born . She pours gasoline on herself and attempts to light herself on fire while in front of news crews and firefighters, who stop her attempt.

Power and abilities Edit

His human form is a young man with a gray hair and his true form is the powerful nine tailed fox with nine long swiping tails and red-orange fur . He can see clearly in darkness and he can phasing through object . He has or is able to manifest tail that also protect him from rear attacks and long range attacks. He can manipulate fox-fire and is able to use fox-fire for additional purposes, including hypnosis, draining life-force or even souls or as a form of travel, either by riding the fox-fire .Slash Claw and Phantom Claw is Friday's primary attack. He can use it to cut through objects in a wide range . It can also be used to send out energy waves to stun his target.

Weapon Edit

- A sharp whip-like sword 

Relationship Edit

Yoko Kurama


John Watson


Nikolai Krasotkin